Wednesday, March 05, 2008

2008 Books So Far

10 Down...

Books 1-7 can be found here.

8. Harley & Ivy; Paul Dini, Judd Winick, Bruce Timm, (136 pages)
I hadn't known, initially, that the character of Harley Quinn was created for the perfect example of television programming known as Batman: The Animated Series. The episodes where Harl & Ivy pair up, whether for a caper or just a 'day in the life', were wonderful.
So a book, dedicated to their antics, was a lovely surprise.
I'm definitely a fan of Paul Dini, and I can comfortably place Bruce Timm on a pedestal next to Joss Whedon in my temple of TV greats.
This was fun. There was a bit of insight into the characters...which way does Ivy swing?, for example.
Good little read.

9. Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told; Charles Moulton, George Perez, H.G. Peter, Phil Jimenez (192 pages)
Ah, my hero.
I've adored Wonder Woman since childhood. Without being a comic book geek, no awareness of her origins, I found her to be everything I could dream of. Strong, beautiful, compassionate, fierce. I grew up with Linda Carter, and the Superfriends. No comments, please.
Over the years, I've read and learned more, and it only makes me love her more. Yeah, I know. She's a comic book character. But she's still my hero.
This collection was a neat little look at her history, from the early days to some re-jiggering of her back story, to more current events. I may have read it too quickly, and now I'm looking into more.

10. Justice, Volume 1; Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, Doug Braithwaite (160 pages)
Oh, my. Alex Ross. The guy's only a few years older than me, and I'm in awe of him. His art is amazing. I could spend days looking at his work...it truly needs no words.
But this book has words, and they frighten me. A world where our heroes are being picked off, one by one. One where the bad guys are not just taking over, but besting the members of the Justice League. No one hurts my Batman (one very good reason I'll never read R.I.P. or the Vampire issues)
It was over far too soon, and I've ordered Volume 2, which is on it's way now. The final issues, Volume 3, are bundled with an Amazon pre-order, and won't reach me till early June.
I don't know if I can wait that long to find out what happens...

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