Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Books So Far

7 down...

1-4 located here.

5. The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual; Scott Beatty, David Hahn (192 pages)
This is a fun & clever little book. In no way advocating vigilante-ism, it does break down the various skills and education needed to do the things the Dark Knight does. Many, many, forms of martial arts, forensic education, computer skills and equipment, just about everything. It was fascinating.

6. The Mother Hunt; Rex Stout (224 pages)
Another good Nero Wolfe story; it's always fun to read the source material and compare it to the A&E series. I find myself hearing Timothy Hutton & Maury Chaykin's voices as I read...which isn't such a bad thing.

7. Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries); JoAnne Fluke (288 pages)
I like this series. Not because it's the greatest literary accomplishment ever, but because it's a 'fun read' and a quick diversion. I mean quick, too. I think I polished this one off in less than 3 1/2 hours.
It's a bit wordy...too many words to describe the simplest things, and holy crap; make up your mind about the guys, already? Mike's a jerk, Norman's sweet. But they include recipes...actual recipes, which is always a selling point for me. Not haute cuisine, but good old home-style dishes. Cookies and cakes and 'hot dishes' (casseroles, where I'm from). Again, a fun read.

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