Thursday, September 09, 2010

They're going to force me to create a tumblr account...

Because it's the only way I can properly tell people like Erica at Purple Rain how much I enjoy their posts.

I'm a Huntress fan, as you may have figured out, so when I found her Helena-centric tumblr I was thrilled. She has good insight into Hel's personality, the things that drive her & make her who she is today. Erica also posts a lot of older Huntress material, which for me is an absolute treat. (And for Amazon.com, free sales marketing!)

But today, when I saw she'd created a video (based on a book I often recommend, Ivory Madison's Huntress: Year One) which beautifully and heart-breakingly tells the story of the Bertinelli family massacre, I knew I had to do, say, something to thank Erica for what she does.

So Erica, I don't tumblr (yet), but I stop by yours daily. I look forward to the visits, & either nod my head in agreement or cheer on something you've brought up. Today, I cried. Excellent job. I thank you.

Even if you don't like comics, you can't help but feel the emotions here. The art is beautiful, the tale tragic.

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