Friday, September 03, 2010

I must be lazy

(it took another two weeks to finish this!!)

Or maybe I'm creating more work for myself.

Instead of moving the DC meme to the current date, I'm just picking up where I left off & starting a new thread.

Right, so while I should be sleeping & preparing for the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! (ehem, not that I'm excited for this or anything), I'll instead think & write about comics.

Day 30: Build your dream team of five characters.

Zatanna, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Huntress, & Hawkgirl.

Day 29: Favorite Not-so canonical Romance

I admit it, I'm a Bruce/Zee fan.

I know a lot of people focus on this.

But I like to point back to this (I used it earlier, too)

Day 28: Favorite Canonical Romance: Aw, not this is both easy & difficult. Because I have a couple few.

Notice how many of these have been ripped apart by deaths? Stupid comics; let them be happy!!

Ralph & Sue Dibny

How adorable were they? Loving couple. Really happy. So, of course...back-story a rape & toss in a brutal murder, then let the other one more or less go crazy with grief. Nice.

Barry & Iris Allen

Ok, I admit I do sort of like the Barry/Zee idea, but Flash wives are special. And I like them together.

Rick Tyler & Jesse Chambers

I'm not as well-read when it comes to the JSA, but what I do know of this couple...they do love each other. And can be pretty darn cute together. Or, in instances like this...hot.

Barda & Scott Free

I think by now my Scott/Barda love is established.

Vic Sage & Helena Bertinelli

It didn't last long. But I truly believe it could have been good...for both of them.

...I should probably stop now.

Day 27: Favorite Origin: I think I'm a Silver Age-r when it comes to origins, for the most part.


As a child, he was given a magic kit by his uncle. Despite much practice, he didn't do very well. He came upon* some diaries belonging to Leonardo DaVinci (a distant relative), which he realized were written backwards & by saying the words in that manner, he could create actual magic. When a small fire broke out during a performance, he used this new-found ability to put it out & the audience loved it...thinking it was part of his act.

Zatara continued to use 'real' magic in his shows, as well as a means to fight crime, both street- & meta-level.

*it should be noted that, depending on whet you're reading, Zatara was in fact directed to those books by Nomo, or Dr. Mist. He was orchestrating Zatara's entire life, including his encounter & subsequent marriage to Sindella, with the ultimate goal of Zatanna's birth...who was supposed to be the perfect Homo Magi. Yeah; it's complicated.

Day 26: Least favorite DC “other media": I...don't know? Oh. Yes I do. How about "Superman Returns" & all the pre-Nolan Batman films?! Or the Birds of Prey live-action series. Yes; that's what I'll go with.

Day 25: Favorite DC “other media” (movie, cartoon, etc): DC Animated Universe. Specifically, the work of Bruce Timm.

I think my biggest introduction to comic book characters (remember, I'm a late-bloomer) came from watching the Justice League cartoon. From there, I learned about the Batman & Superman series. I, um, now own all of them. As well as the Batman Beyond series. And what little Static Shock has been released.

The movies that have come out since those shows ended haven't always been a huge success in my book, but the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies & Hal Jordan: First Flight as well as the recently-released Under the Red Hood have been fantastic.

Kevin Conroy will always be my Batman!

Day 24: Least Favorite Costume

Heh. Must hold back bitchiness.


It's just...ugh. Stupid.

Dr. Light (the evil one)

I think it's the helmet.

Day 23. Favorite Costume


Fear is one of his most powerful weapons. In that suit...yeah, I'd be afraid of him, too.

John Constantine (is that cheating?)

Trenchcoat, suit...& a cigarette. Hello, sexy bad boy.


She's had several costume changes over the years (the bug head-dress, anyone?), but she always comes back to the tux & fishnets. It's classic, it's stylish, & fits her life. She's a performer, she's trying to make her dad proud. Just remember: never mess with the hat.

The Question(s)

A bit of noir, some mystery...& the hat/coat combo is classic. The 'you don't have a face!' part helps, too.

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