Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Comics writer Gail Simone asked fans, readers & trolls to share the comic that made them admit 'Oh, god...I'm a comics geek'.

I grew up loving superheroes. Lynda Carter as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, was my hero & role model. Saturday mornings weren't complete without the Superfriends (shut up, I know) or Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (while enjoying BooBerry cereal, naturally). Adam West & Burt Ward taking their turn as Batman & Robin could be found in syndication (you know, back when there were only four or five channels).

I didn't read comics, though. I'm not sure I knew anyone who did. Certainly not in my family, or any friends. Maybe the teenager who bagged groceries at the A&P.

I remember having a Wonder Woman issue (don't ask which one, that was more years ago than I'd like to admit), & I read it over & over. It was a source of pride, almost. So of course, my mother threw it away one day...

When I somehow, miraculously, became attractive to men in my early twenties, the fact I liked both sports and comics had me looking for the proverbial beat-them-off stick.

But it wasn't until several years into my marriage that I started reading comics. Matt wasn't reading any titles when we first met, but had years of Hellblazer around. I didn't have a clue who this Constantine guy was, so I wasn't really interested. It was seeing the cover of 'Kingdom Come' that made me pick up, begin reading & (the literary equivalent of) devour the title. I didn't know all the characters, I wasn't aware of history or backstory, but that didn't matter. This was a tale about heroes! And when your maiden reading includes art by Alex Ross, congratulate yourself for not spoiling the pages with drool.

I'm not sure of the progression, exactly, but this title took me to Bruce Timm's animated world, with the Justice League, Batman & Superman. I read Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-MEN run (my first conscious exposure to Marvel, since as a child DC/Marvel meant jack to me), then on to Frank Miller's take on Batman. I started buying comics. A collected volume here, something interesting there.

Today? I have a pull list. A pull list! I can talk about characters & story arcs with fans who've been reading since childhood. I join in with those who say Jason Todd & Cassandra Cain are overlooked or mishandled by writers or editors. I collect action figures, for crying out loud! I'm a wife & mom, over the age of thirty (none of your business) & can pull out my Obsidian or Clock King figure should the need arise.

I..yeah. Right.

Anyway, that's my origin tale.

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