Monday, September 01, 2008

The Fab(ulous) Five

It's been a while since I've shared photos of the dogs. They've been bathed and everything...

Donegal. Picture taken one-handed, reaching behind me. This photo is actually on it's side...she was sleeping against my back.

Doolin. Our 'Alex' pup. Cute, affectionate, and willful. Why else would he stand in front of the messy trash can?

A very clean Fluffy. His fur, now washed, is so soft as to be addictive...

Wicklow. Talk about soft! But the poor guy, the mosquitoes have hit him hard, and he's biting and scratching like crazy. Leaving him with oddly adorable pink-with-brown-spotted skin visible. And it seems the coloring of his fur matches the spots!

Duke. Sweet, sweet boy. Soft and clean, and curled up near me. At peace.

Idle Chatter:
Wow! Five dogs? I bet there's never a dull moment at home!
Hi Nic!

Oh, you're not kidding. Puppy obstacle course, puppy door jams, you name it. But it's fun, and they keep us warm and safe (I mean, who'd be stupid enough to try to break into OUR house??).

How are things at the Moxie?
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