Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miracles Can Happen

Almost a decade ago, my small hometown found itself buzzing with the news that a local woman had been raped and murdered. There really wasn't much 'real' crime; lots & lots of DUI's and drug-related charges. Some domestic stuff. But drugs made their way in, heroin mostly. I think drug arrests actually beat out those for alcohol, and this is a town with it's own brewery.

Mrs. Challingsworth was just a nice lady earning a living with a beauty shop in her home. I didn't know her, really, but I'd walked by her house hundreds of times and stopped and said hello and exchanged minor chit chat often.

I couldn't help but cry for her family, as years went by and the ONLY murder case in the county went unsolved. It really did seem as though the police were doing nothing. Let's say there wasn't a lot of faith in the local force...

Erin contacted me yesterday, letting me know that wonder-o-wonders, an arrest has been made in Mrs. Challingsworth's death.

A fellow, just a couple of years younger than us, allegedly confessed to the crime. He intended to rob the place...as he'd been doing to other homes...to feed his drug habit. He didn't expect her to be home. So apparently, plan B was to rape, beat, and kill her.

He claims he didn't do it alone. If that's true, I hope it doesn't take another nine years to catch the guy.

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