Sunday, May 18, 2008

Toothless Wonder

To our shock & amazement, Alex has lost a tooth. Already.

It became loose Thursday. Friday night, it came out!

Leaving us entirely unprepared. One, not expecting this sort of thing for...a year, perhaps, we had nothing worthy of Tooth Fairy giftiness.

Two, I have no idea what the going rate for teeth is these days!

Alex could barely contain his excitement; he'll tell anyone he meets the story of how he lost his tooth. And we managed to find something small we'd had as an emergency treat for him, and a handful of quarters. Fortunately, Alex is a very very sound sleeper, or the noise from quarters rattling around in a plastic container would have left us red-faced and without explanation.

Idle Chatter:
Congratulations!!! Always a milestone - for both child and parents!!

Yeah - Mike had it figured out who the fairy was - now they all know - but still look forward to the ONE quarter they get (hey, I have 7 - I can't afford to do more!)!!:)

Thanks for sharing!
I understand that a dollar is good.
Hey Vickster!!

Alex knew all about the Tooth Fairy, telling me that he'd put his tooth under his pillow, and the Tooth Fairy would leave 'treasure'. Cute.

Yeah...seven kids, how many teeth? No one carries that much change around with them!!!
Now, see Eden, where were you when I was having my 'duh' moment?!
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