Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Man's Junk is Another Kid's Art Project

Last week Alex school went 'green'. They celebrated Earth Day, learned about recycling, all sorts of things.

There was even a family project: use items headed for the trash or recycling, and create 'art'.

We were in the process of going through all of Alex's toys, whittling out the old/baby-ish stuff, as well as the ones missing key parts, anyway (all part of the new floor & 'big boy' room endeavor).

So, using bits & pieces from his toys, and other things we had lying around, we created a diorama.

Stores and a fire station!

A sort of general store; this place sells diamonds, tools, and outdoor gear.

This is where the firefighters sleep between rescues.

And here's the engine room, complete with a shute for the guys to use. I'd also like to point out that we NEVER consume Honeycomb in our house; we'd bought this for a snack mix for a kid's party we 'catered'. And it sat on the shelves for almost six months, the rest uneaten. I was almost ashamed to send that in!

And of course, there had to be a book store. Alex sells all kinds, too.

It was fun. We all had our jobs, we got more junk out of the house, and yay...homework completed on time!

Idle Chatter:
Very cool. See, I don't know why kids need so many new toys when you can make new ones out of old ones!
I agree; unfortunately, at the end of the day, all the projects were sent to the dumpster!!
My son and I made a Star Wars droid tank out of a rather large box. It's big enough for him to climb into it, or to slide in any number of LEGO pieces. It was fun to make something like that, but I'm sure some of the packaged toys on store shelves will resume their cursed appeal.

It's a shame the projects went to the dumpster -- the kids should've been asked if they wanted to bring them home!
Mariann..how cute! Alex is really getting into Star Wars more and more these days (he recently saw Empire for first time, and helps Matt put together the Legos), and I'm sure he love something like that.

Yeah, but at the same time, it was so big I'm not sure where we would have put it!
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