Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This Darth's for You

We found this Vader helmet at a church-sponsored kid's used-clothing sale last weekend. We rarely bother with the toys, but Matt wanted to stop this time. The helmet, which on it's own is completely awesome, has a battery-powered microphone/transmitter that alters the wearer's voice to something very Vader-like.
It also has a few pre-programmed Darth quotes, obtainable by pushing a few of the buttons on the attached box.

Alex is positively in love with this thing, which...I suppose...should make us a bit nervous. The Force is strong with this one.

Anyway, we had to take a picture for 'Uncle Robby'. We knew he'd be so proud...

Idle Chatter:
Uncle Robby is very proud! I guess I'll have to get him a lightsaber now. "I'm looking forward to completing your training".
Well, his birthday is just over a week away...!

Despite having only seen the film once, he's quite taken with Star Wars. And he loves all the Legos-related sets!

Like father, like son.
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