Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 2 Minutes

I'm famous!

Or, rather, my house is.

Last night our area got hit by some pretty serious storms. There was the possibility of winds getting up to 65-75 MPH.

Fortunately, our little neighborhood wasn't hit too badly, but a nice, ivy-covered tree did crack apart and take down some power lines.

Our street has been closed since last night (and of course, today was trash day...sigh), and for whatever reason, they're still doing maintenance.

And bright & early, there was a local news van parked outside, and sure enough, a skinny young thing and her camera man were staked out in my yard, filming 'the big story'.

I didn't stick around to see which way they finally decided to film, but at some point today, either my trees and yard, or my house, were on the telly.

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