Thursday, January 17, 2008

Books for 2008

Final total for '07: 57! Seriously, yay me.

I've only managed to squeeze in one so far this year, but I have so many pre-orders lined up for this year (new releases from favorite authors), it'll be hard not to do well.

1. DC Comics Encyclopedia; Scott Beatty (384 pages)
Yes, I'm a DC fan. Batman & Wonder Woman have been my heroes since childhood, but there was so much I didn't know about the wonderful world of DC. So many heroes and villains, so much back story. Amazing, in-depth book. Images of each and every character, with history and current status and much more written about each. I'd been wanting this book for some time, and it was a most welcome Christmas gift. I spent what little December free-time I had read through it, and it's a treasure.

Idle Chatter:
Wow! 57 books. I'm so jealous! So far this year I have also squeezed in one, which makes me mad. I need to get off this computer and start reading more!
Hi Nicole!!! How was the visit with your sis and the new baby??? I'd love to see pictures...

Well, it's amazing what having Alex in school can to my day. And of course, the lack of decent television helps, as well...

I've gotten two more in so far, but not blogged about it. Fortunately, Matt keeps buying me really good and interesting books, and I have shelves of to-read tomes just waiting for me, so I doubt I'll run out of material!
As always, it's about finding time...

Hey...how's Bogey??
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