Thursday, November 29, 2007

Craptastic Wrap

Is it just me, or has wrapping paper gotten...cheaper over the years?

It seems thinner, more easily torn, than it used to be.

I mean, forget zipping along with scissors, getting a nice, even cut.

The stuff I'm using is so crappy, it rips at the mere sight of a blade!

Idle Chatter:
mark's is great. It even has a grid on the back so you can cut it straight.
That said "HALLMARK." Dunno what happened.
Really? That sounds like my kind of product.

Of course, that would require going into a store, most often located in a mall...both of which I find find as desirable as oral surgery without anesthesia.

But thanks!
I made a goal back in 2006 to not buy wrapping paper anymore, but use what I have...paper bags, the NYTimes arts section, movie posters, fabric scraps...and now I love how the packages always look!

However, Ikea had some wrapping paper that I almost broke down and purchased...soooo pretty.
Nic, that is such an awesome idea!

Of course, I like to wrap everyone's gifts in their own paper: Alex usually gets Scooby Doo or superheroes, Matt was all santa this year, that kind of thing.

Well, now...Ikea is just full of temptations, isn't it! I'm almost happy to live so far from one. When they opened one not far from us in Oakland, it became a very dangerous place to shop...

Oh, and congratulations on becoming an Auntie!
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