Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Heart Chuck

Watched Chuck and Heroes last night.

Heroes...eeee! So many questions! I have truly missed this show. And how cool to have Agent Weiss (Parkman) & Sark (Takezo Sensei) on the same show again? (because to me, they are always Weiss & Sark, sorry Greg & David).

And Chuck? One of my new favorite shows. So fun! And Chuck, himself? Is it sad that I know that guy? I mean, have known many just like him? Nice, sweet, sort of hapless dorks? But, awesome, fun, and funny, show.

Idle Chatter:
I also enjoyed Chuck. Did you catch Reaper? I liked it more than I wanted to. ;)
Also? I had to squee! about David Anders doing his British accent. Yay! :)
Didn't see Reaper...Matt likes to say he liked it better the first time, when it was called Brimstone.

I think it's ironic that corn-fed Iowa boy Anders (or somewhere in the mid-west) keeps getting cast as a Brit!
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