Friday, March 23, 2007

Birthday Stuff

So, Alex had a birthday a week or so ago. There was a rather fun kid's party, as well as a more intimate, family, celebration on the actual day.

Photos below.

This is from Alex's party at Ijams Nature Center, with his school friends. The kids did some crafts, 'met' a toad, turtle and an owl, went on a nature walk, and ran around squealing and running into each other. There was some food (which we made), and presents. Everyone had a pretty good time, and I think all the kids slept well that night.

His actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so we had a little dinner for the three of us and Matt's parents. Alex requested 'cheesey pasta...the orange kind' (Annie's Organic, Arthur-shaped) and veggie nuggets. I decided to serve a grown-up version of this meal to the adults: a three-cheese baked pasta that blew us all away (may be the best sauce I've tasted in some time) and some lightly fried chicken (Veat for me), as well as a tray of baby carrots and cucumber slices, with a garlic-herb dip.

Oh, yeah...and the giant cookie cake.

Idle Chatter:
Oooh...I'd love to see a recipe for that three-cheese pasta! :)
You can find it here.

It's even somewhat make-ahead, so enjoy!
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