Monday, January 29, 2007

This & That

I know, I've been neglecting this blog rather a lot lately. It's not intentional, really.

Let's see...we've set the date and location for Alex's 4th birthday party; we'll be having it a park/wildlife place. The kids will see animals (I nixed the snake and spider), do a craft, and if weather permits, catch tadpoles (catch & release, of course), which will be followed by cake and lots of running along the trails.

Apparently, kids don't have birthday parties in their family homes these days. They have to be 'events'.

Alex is invited to two coming up...one's at the city zoo, and the other at a gymnastic/tumbling place.

I'd have been fine setting ours at the house, until I realized that...while we have a large home, it's not exactly conducive to sprawling parties.

We can do small gatherings, and sit-down dinners. But the not-entirely intelligent lay-out of the house prevents mingling, I'm afraid.

And the idea of seven small children, plus as many parents and a few grandparents here...didn't do much for my spirits.

So, off the park we go.

What I like about this place (besides the fact they take your old Christmas trees and incorporate them back into the environment) is they not only provide all the plates, etc. needed for the party, but they provide recycling and compost bins for clean-up, as well.

I mean, my son's having an environmentally-friendly birthday party! How cool is that? I don't think anyone in my family would even thought about that back in the Seventies.

We were supposed to have a 'Date Night' Saturday, but as a household, were unwell. We were skipping live theater (I'm tired of sad plays...where are all the comedies?) for Jennifer Garner's new movie, 'Catch & Release'. Post-poned till this Saturday.

Although not posted yet, I have managed to read two books this year, and am working through two more.

The first is a biography of Anna Mae Wong, and the other the history behind and screenplay to 'Good Night, and Good Luck'. Based on the page counts, I'll probably finish 'GN&GL' first.

We've managed to catch up on our Netflix pile: last three were 'Laura', 'Gosford Park', and the first disc of 'The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.'. All good.

I don't really do new music these days (blame it on a 'career' in Pop 40 radio), but I still listen.

Latest acquisition: Ultra-Lounge's Mondo Hollywood. Frankly, the folks at Ultra-Lounge can do no wrong, in my opinion. Always fun.

And in during those stolen moments when I'm here, at the computer, I've been pulling out the vinyl.

Most recent: Big Band Greatest Hits (Columbia Records release, no date), The Temptations With a Lot of Soul, and De Capo from Love.

And there are many foodie events coming up: Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Blog Parties, our wedding anniversary, Alex's birthday, St. Patrick's day. So, I'll be busy in the kitchen (you can always see what I've been up to over here).

That's me...what about you?

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