Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Book Challenge: Just Read Already!

This does it for me...37 books read in 2006. Two more than '05, an improvement.
And I've already read one for '07!

37. Swing! A Mystery; Rupert Holmes (384 pages)

While not nearly as good as his other, much-bragged about (by me) Where the Truth Lies, this was still a pretty darn good read.

Set in Oakland (of all places! almost made me homesick), prior to the US entering WWII...there's a swing band, intrigue, murder, espionage...you name it. I'm almost afraid to write too much, because you absolutely have to be on board for the entire ride with this story.

No, it wasn't Truth, but I still read the whole book in one sitting. Holmes may be responsible for one of the more annoying songs of the Seventies, but he writes compelling fiction.

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Idle Chatter:
Holy Cow! That is a lot of books, especially considering that I only read 39, and I have no where near the busy schedule you have...what with being a wife, mom etc.
I'm not exactly sure how I did it, either, but I'm grateful.

I miss having time to read. I mean, just sit around and do nothing but read all day...

And my 'to read' shelf holds about as many books as my 'read' books this year!

Too bad they're all so loooong...
Wow - 37! I think I was lucky to get 19 this year. Have you seen the plugins for blogs where you just type in the ISBN number and it will post it for you? You can also write reviews and rate them. Pretty clever.

Hope all is well!
Hi Nicole!!

I keep meaning to sign up for that, but still haven't gotten around to it.

Are you still doing some teaching?
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