Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why Fametracker is so Frakkin' Funny

Because they write stuff like this:

"When young women are groomed to be child actors, it's usually because they're preternaturally cute. They have giant eyes, perfect button noses (one apiece), and flossy blonde hair, and their arms and legs are super-skinny, making them look fragile and vulnerable so that you get drawn into the story when they get kidnapped or attacked by aliens or when a cat shows up who shouldn't be there when their mother is out. (Yes, all of the foregoing applies specifically to Dakota Fanning, but that's only because she's the ne plus ultra of female child stars -- or she was, until she started getting haggard, whereupon her parents took a stew of her tears and saliva and used it to grow her "sister" Elle.)"

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