Sunday, October 22, 2006

2006 Book Challenge: Just Read Already!

32. From Russia With Love; Ian Fleming (272 pages)

A re-read for me.

Many years ago, while still living in my hometown, I would walk everywhere. And one of the places I'd walk to was the Paperback Book Exchange; a used book store.

Being me, of course, I never brought in books to sell or trade (Matt and I can't quite fathom giving up a book), but I did spend my hard-earned and meager paycheck on their book-filled shelves.

I'd always been a 007 fan, but hadn't realized, till I was in my early twenties, that the movies were based on Ian Fleming's novels.

At the used book store, I found a large number of these novels, for very little money. I bought them, and quickly read every one.

Misogynist or no, Fleming writes well. And he writes cold-hearted, license-to-kill Bond well, too.

Like most of the others, the book version of "Russia" is much better than the film. Things that were changed, or left out...really matter here.

I dusted this one off for my most recent Blog Party (James Bond eats rather well, you know), and was happy to return to the world of spies and danger.

As always, a good read.

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