Sunday, October 22, 2006

2006 Book Challenge: Just Read Already!

31. Captain Alatriste; Arturo Perez-Riverte (304 pages)

I admit it; I became interested in the Alatriste books because Viggo Mortensen is playing the captain in the Spanish-language film of the same name (it's out now, but I knew about it at least a year ago).

One day, earlier this year, while at the home of Matt's parents, the subject of the book came up. I mentioned that I was interested in reading it, and it just happened that they had it.

It took some months to get around to it (I have a shelf of 'to read' books listing around thirty), but when I did, it was easy to get sucked in.

Compelling story, and a main character (though not the narrator) you can care about. Fictional characters taking part in historical events, it works (hey...raise of hands: how many of you gave a damn about the doomed couple in Titanic??).

As I was reading, though, I was thinking there was no way even a hack writer could make a film out of this...there just wasn't enough material.

I've since learned that there are, in fact, a series of books, and the film has taken from the whole collection.

And while reading? Very easy to imagine Mortensen as the titular captain!

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