Thursday, September 28, 2006

Governor-to-be Takes Ballet

Alex is watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood; this one is older than some of the other's we've seen recently: Fred's guest is Lynn Swann...who's still playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!

Idle Chatter:
My son loved watching Mister Rogers for the trolley and traffic light, but mostly for Picture Picture. Then we discovered a Canadian television show called How It's Made, and he was in factory heaven.

There are a couple of traveling Mister Rogers exhibits that both feature original set props, though the one that came to Baltimore was rather disappointing. I'd like to get my son to the dedicated exhibit at the children's museum, I think in Pittsburgh, before he grows out of his affection for Mister Rogers.
Trust me, the folks in the 'Burgh treat Mr. Rogers right!

You should definitely go...and there's plenty of other things to do there, like the Andy Warhol museum.
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