Saturday, August 26, 2006

2006 Book Challenge: Just Read Already!

28. Guilty Pleasures; Laurel K. Hamilton (266 pages)

Which didn't prevent me from picking up a used copy of her first book!!

Interesting, I suppose...but I find I'm considerably more interested in Charlaine Harris's world of Sookie Stackhouse. Her vamps are less creepy, for one!

Anyway; decent enough. I don't feel the need to order from Amazon, but I will grab more in the series if I find them at McKay's!

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Idle Chatter:
i love, love, love laurell k hamilton!
I've only recently been introduced to her. I'm always 'sucked' in by vampire stories, so of course I'll read them, but I'm not entirely sure I'm in love her...yet.

Must grab some more of her stuff from McKay's, and do some research!
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