Saturday, August 26, 2006

2006 Book Challenge: Just Read Already!

29. This Rough Magic; Mary Stewart (254 pages)

Revisiting an old favorite!

I've never really gone in for the bodice-ripping, romance novels often attributed to women and their reading habits.

In fact, romances, with their shirtless, hairless, open-shirted men on the covers kind of make me gag.

Which is why I adore Stewart, and her 'romance is secondary' approach.

Her novels, generally, are all about the 'mystery'; the 'what the heck is going on?', and maybe, just maybe, the leading lady will find herself locking lips with one of the male characters.

This one's set in Greece, and although there may be a bit of nationality stereotyping, the mystery/suspense is good...always. She keeps you guessing till the end (and enough time passes between readings that I forget, till almost the end, who the villian is!).

She's the author of two of my absolute favorite books, The Ivy Tree and Nine Coaches Waiting, and I've never been disappointed in her work!

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