Friday, July 21, 2006

They Don't Make 'em Like That Anymore! 

Here's a picture of Alex, with a toy shopping cart.

The significance, you may ask?

Well, that shopping cart was mine. I'm the second-oldest of nineteen grandchildren. The bulk of my cousins have played with that thing, as well as a smattering of great-grand children.

How long has it been around? Em, ahhh...let's just say decades are involved, ok?

And it's still in great shape.

Way to go, Mattel.

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Idle Chatter:
After my Grandpa died and we had to put Grandma in a nursing home; my folks, aunts and uncles were cleaning out the house...we had all been asked which of their possessions we wanted most...

The old bucket of toys they kept in the closet of the spare bedroom was the most requested item. I don't remember a time those toys weren't a part of my life.
Aww, I had that toy grocery cart when I was little, too. Let's see, that was over 30 years ago! I loved that cart -- my mom would let me take it to the store with her, and I'd fill up my little cart while she filled up hers. Good memories.
Caoimhe; that's just one of the reasons I wanted to do this now, before she sells the house or (gulp)...dies.

At least I had an advantage: the toys at Grammy's house are all mine!
Southern Girl; I know! 30 years (did I really type that?); scary. And it's completely held up.

That's cute what your mom did; maybe I'll try that with Alex!
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