Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playtime; A Series 

While visiting Grammy, my cousin Elaine came by with her little girl, Isabella.

Bella was hit by the shy stick on her way in, though...

But Alex was determined to become friends.

Apparently, Bella wanted the papparazo's camera.

Explaining his position to Great-Grammy.

Further discussion.

Taking a rest; it's hard work being this cute.

Each contestant in their respective corners...Bella confers with her trainer.

Alex tries to break the ice...tickling makes everyone laugh!

She's just not sure about this...

Everyone needs a little down time; good thing Erin was there for storytime.

Bella shows off her art skills.

Erin's so good, even Matt gets sucked in.

Apparently, Bella didn't take my review as well as I'd hoped.

Time to say goodbye...

If we can release Bella from Alex's death-grip!

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