Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wouldn't Know a Good Idea if You Wrote the Word 'Idea' on an Anvil and Dropped it on Their Heads

TV networks suck. They really do.

If you like/love JD, Turk and Co., you absolutely have to watch this NOT PICKED UP YET pilot from the creator of Scrubs, called Nobody's Watching.

I got wise from E! on-line's Watch with Kristin, who had this to say:

From James: Have you seen that pilot by the guys from Scrubs and Family Guy who made a show about how much sitcoms stink? (No wonder it didn't get on the air). It's really funny, though, and different. It's called Nobody's Watching.

Thank you for sending the link! I have seen Nobody's Watching and I actually know Neil Goldman, one half of the Scrubs writing team, that created this pilot. Neil was literally the first person I met in L.A. But no bias, this show is out of the box, different and funny. In fact, I have the original script, which is actually even funnier than the pilot is (I heard the network insisted on making a bunch of changes).

Anyway, it kills me that neither NBC nor the WB picked this show up. The decision was beyond foolish in my humble opinion. I mean, the WB picked up Twins but not this?! You guys should definitely check it out. Three cheers for You Tube! Whoever posted Nobody's Watching is a genius, because it's created such a buzz in the last week that the guys may be re-pitching it! Sadly, they'll probably have to scrap the hi-larious Everwood joke that's in there since my favorite family drama is no more, but this is great news nonetheless.

Give it a look, and tell me what you think. Be sure to watch parts 2 & 3, which can be found to the right, and slightly down.

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Idle Chatter:
I saw a post about this somewhere else, but I haven't checked it out yet. I definitely will!
Oh, you have to...you'll love it! It's too brilliant to make it on television; it's very much like Scrubs or Arrested Development. Too clever, I'm afraid.

Damn it.
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