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I read this in a recent "Dear Abby" column, and was as shocked as 'Abby' was:


ABBY: In your response to a woman whose nicotine-addicted
mother insists that smoking isn't harmful, you stated,
"It's common knowledge that secondhand smoke is harmful."

I'm not a smoker, but there is no scientific evidence that
I can find to support your statement. Do some research, and
you'll find that "common knowledge" is junk science. Be
objective and you will see there is no real "evidence"
behind the claim.

Cigarette smoke is irritating to me. But the secondhand
smoke thing is nonsense, and you should check all of the
sources before giving advice -- not just the ones that
promote the anti-smoking stance.

NONSMOKER: Where on Earth did you do your research?
According to an article in the Journal of the American
Medical Association titled "Passive Smoking and the Risk of
Heart Disease" (1992), "Secondhand smoke causes between
35,000 and 40,000 deaths from heart disease every year."
That same year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
stated that "3,000 otherwise healthy nonsmokers will die of
lung cancer annually because of their exposure to secondhand
smoke." That is why the EPA classified secondhand smoke as
a Group A carcinogen, a substance that is known to cause
human cancer. If you doubt this, please contact the Heart
Association and the American Cancer Society. They'll be
glad to clarify further.

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