Monday, February 20, 2006

One Shoe Off, and One Shoe On...

I'm often amazed...how grown-up he looks these days!

Just how big is Alex these days? Well, check out the new pj's...a 4T. He'll be 3 next month...and they're just a tad too long on him. Just a tad.

Idle Chatter:
diddle diddle dumpling....

it's fun-scary watching them grown, huh? I remember the sudden shift from when my godson went from being a baby to a little person -- his face just took on a more definate personality. scared the crap outta me.

make sure you take lots of embarassing pics for later. :)
Oh, you're not kidding! And thanks for getting the reference...

I have a photo of Alex from his second birthday party, hanging on my fridge. I was looking at this weekend, and thinking 'my god; he has changed so much in one year'.

As I told Matt, he was still a baby then. Now? He's totally a little man. No doubts.

As for whip-out-when-the-gf-visits photos, we have plenty, no worries!
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