Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You Can Thank Me Later

I often 'work' as a product tester. I've tried out any number of things before they hit the market, incuding Febreeze.

One product I tested six or seven months ago was a bodywash. It was amazing. Took very little product to achieve a good lather, left my skin soft all day long, and the wonderful scent didn't fade once I stepped out of the shower.

Occasionally, I am not given the name of company or product I'm testing, to avoid bias.

But once I'd finished my bottle of body wash, I was wishing they'd tell me who it was...that stuff was incredible. I would actually rave about the bodywash to Matt. It was just that good.

And now it looks like my very positive report was effective: Olay has just released a new bodywash, Olay Ribbons Body Wash.

And guess what? Same stuff!

If you want smooth, soft, moisturized skin, and (dare I say it) a pleasurable shower experience, I encourage you to pick up a bottle today.

You're gonna love it.

(for the record, I tested the Creme Ribbons with Almond Oil)

Idle Chatter:
I've always been extremely pleased with all my Oil of Olay products. I'll have to check that one out!
You know, though...they've dropped the 'Oil' from their name?!
I was wondering what was up with the name...

that's a very cool, fun thing. how does one get to be a product tester?
Hi Laura!

Current times and trends most likely led to a decrease in sales for OoO; dropping the 'Oil' brought the company into the healthy, shine-free, present.

I joined several survey companies, and every couple of months I end up with a product to test. I've tried diapers, baby wipes, tissues, body wash, shampoo, lotion...you name it.

It's pretty cool, too.
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