Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Satan's Angel 

4. Errol Flynn: Satan's Angel; David Bret

My own, and admittedly limited, experience has been that bios of much older characters are the most interesting. The ones who make a name for themselves, for whatever reason, are also the most likely to have led the most amazing and colorful lives.

Having read "Satan's Angel", I'm beginning to cement my theory that during the earlier years of Hollywood, everyone was having sex with everyone else. Like Cary Grant (!), Flynn hooked up with just about every name (and no-name) in Southern California. And several other parts of the world!

At the same time, any book written about someone long gone is to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Much of what was written can be, in some form, substantiated. And the author clearly tries to show Flynn for the man he was...charming, manipulative, unfaithful, talented. He lays it out, warts and all. A good read, and having done so, makes me want to read Errol's own take on his life.

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