Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rocker in Training

Having fun with Alex's hair after a bath, and man...does the kid have a great head of it, or what?

All he needs is a Sex Pistols t-shirt, and a little eyeliner, and he's ready to go.

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Idle Chatter:
I believe Hot Topic might have them. They have Ramones ones. I saw them somewhere.

Rock on.
Thanks, but I wonder if they have them in a 3T?
That's the size I need too. I've only seen infants sizes lately.

I did link to a site today that has not-quite-hardcore rocker kids shirts. They might work. I just can't decide which *I* want.
With the popularity of this sort of thing, you'd think more places would offer toddler-sized clothing, wouldn't you?
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