Tuesday, December 27, 2005


(I posted this on my food blog; but wanted to share it with you, too.)

Still exhausted...seven hours cooking and cleaning would wipe anyone out for a good 48 hours. But, I'm conscious and upright, so here comes the promised write-ups.

Our tree, before the tearing of pretty paper.

Christmas Eve; Alex reading a library book with his Aunt Terri. See those red cheeks???!

Christmas Eve again; Alex getting assistance from his Grandmom, opening a really cool block/construction vehicle toy.

Christmas Eve; Alex receives a fabulous 2-disc set of Putumayo hits from Granddad. And check out the box of cardboard bricks in the background! Thanks, Aunt Terri and Uncle Ben.

Still Christmas Eve; a funky flashlight from Uncle Andrew...changeable discs reveal dinasaurs and butterflies!

Christmas morning: Alex's brand-spankin' new kitchen set, complete with all the fake food you can stand.

Including play sushi, tea set, wok and bamboo steamers!

Grammy and Grandpa sent down this cool horse.

A shiny new trike...Radio Flyer, too!

Pretty good haul, for a 2 1/2 year old. Two train sets, paint, paper, crayons, books, an enormous snake...

Matt did well, too. An Indian home cook's cookbook, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novels, bamboo steamer, the Complete New Yorker collection, and a Pope Innocent III action figure.

I must have been a very good girl this year; mini-cheesecake pans, a deep fryer, silicone glove, Elvira's Box of Horror, a couple Dashiel Hammet novels, the Law & Order game, Hungry Planet, The Last Course: The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern, as well as a reproduction of the very first seal of the city of Dublin, from 1297. I don't think I've had a better Christmas!

Dining room mantle, decorated for Christmas Day dinner. The greenery came from the bushes around the house.

A lovely Salsa-Baked Goat Cheese appetizer, with three kinds of tortilla chips...the red bean and rice are my favorite.

Black Bean and Sausage Soup; I'll find the recipe later. Very simple to make, a bit spicy, and very good.

A Spicy Citrus and Jicama Salad (let me know if you'd like the recipe).

Cheddar-Jalapeno Corn Sticks; lightly spicy, with chopped pickled jalepeno in it.

A dish Alex made for Christmas dinner; Potato and Poblano-Chile Gratin. Lots and lots of Gruyere!

Mole-Spiced Roasted Turkey. Another one you'll have to ask me for, if you'd like the recipe.

Double-Dark Choclate Cake, drizzled with Dulce de Leche. This time, I used Lindt 85%!

And, my cookie platter. I had to cut my planned recipes in half. I just had too much going on.

Starting at 12:00; Chocolate-Pistachio Fingers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Kahlua Snowmen, Kolachy filled with Lemon Marmalade and Port Wine Jelly, Chocolate Snow-Topped Cookies, Chocolate Almond Biscotti, Chocolate Caramel Cookies, and Brandy Lace Cookies in the center.

Hope you all had a great day!!

Idle Chatter:
Wow - everything looks great - including the plastic sushi. And I hate sushi. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas.
Thanks, Nicole! Of course, we didn't welcome a new baby, but it was pretty good.

And if you're not a sushi fan (to which I have to ask 'huh?), plastic would be the way to go!
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