Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gratuitous Cuteness

In case you hadn't seen pictures of our new pup, Doolin...brace yourself. You may just die from the cute!

Master of his own...couch.

Snuggle time, with big sister Donegal.

A common position.

Cuddle-time with Alex's Tiny Puppy. See? The cute's killing you, isn't it??

"All this for me?"

Idle Chatter:
The cute! It's killing me! :) Seriously, he is way too cute...
He's so cute!!!
I'm dying from it! Cuteness!
Knowing I've incapacitated the world with puppy cuteness means my job is done here!
Sooooooo Cute!
Awww, what made you decide to get a new puppy? Is Donegal really related?
Thanks Steph!

Sometimes? We're occasionally paralyzed by his cuteness...

We'd decided to get another kitten after Macroom died. When we went to the shelter to adopt one, they didn't have any! They had adult cats, but as many were Katrina pets, we just didn't think it was fair to bring a grown cat into a house with two big dogs!

And, as it turned out, there was this big area filled filled with Border Collie pups...less than two months old!...and I told Matt we were going home with something!

No, Doolin and Donegal aren't related by blood. She's just his adoptive big sister!
Wait...Macroom died? I'm sorry! But I'm glad you have a new pup in the house. Border collies are adorable.

Yeah, Macroom died three weeks ago yesterday. He'd been sick almost two weeks, although with meds he'd been getting better.

The vet thought it was a blood parasite, and was not hopeful. It was all very sad...

Doolin is incredible. Aside from being fatally cute, he's smart, well-behaved, adores Donegal and Wicklow...and never barks! Donny has always been a quiet dog, and Donlin is turning out to be that way, as well.

Maybe black dogs wait till they have something important to say, and white dogs are chatterboxes???
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