Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You know, You think you're safe...

But apparently, even good ol' Knoxville is a hot bed of school violence, as an assistant principal in the area was shot and killed yesterday.

Couple that with a recent evaluation of local schools, which listed the five-minute walk from our house elementary school Alex will be attending in a few years as one of the worst (from an educational viewpoint) in the city, and I'm seriously considering homeschooling!

Idle Chatter:
Yeah, the school district we live in is graded a D. All the parents in our hood send their kids to private school. There's no way I'm paying for my kid to go to private school, not when I'll probably pay for their college education!

Joel and I said we would rent an apartment in a better school district and have our kid go there...if there ever are any kids!
Matt's parents live in a much nicer neighborhood, and his old school is ranked one of the best.

So we're toying with the idea of using their address for school!
I just don't get it!
Which part?
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