Saturday, November 12, 2005

What a FRAUD

I've been frauded.


Got a bill for one of my credit cards today, and expected to see a balance of '0.00', since I haven't used the card in months.

Instead, I saw a charge of $24.99.

That didn't make sense.

Neither did the retailer; Digital Age, Cyprus.

Matt did some checking, and apparently? I'm not the first. Charges of exactly $24.99 are being applied to credit cards, across the board, and all being billed by this Digital Age.

Seems a bunch of credit card number were stolen; most likely a couple of months ago.

Mine was one of them.

I called and got the charge removed, thankfully.

So, if you get your credit card bill, and see a charge for $24.99, from a company called Digital Age?

Call your credit card company immediately!

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