Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Taking a Peak at the New Year

Because really; it's not that far away!

My hororscope for the new year...

The influence of Uranus in Pisces could find you transforming into a creature that you’ve never noticed before: a Virgo who actually pursues getting out and having a good time – often! Normally, you seem to be enamored of the work ethic, but this year, you just might rebel – astonishing relatives and old friends. Oddly enough, since you’ll be more relaxed, your career may actually advance. Here’s a word to the wise: It’s OK!!! As long as you don’t go too far embracing the good-time-Charlie ethic, you’ll probably be healthier and more relaxed than you’ve been in a long time – and your love life will definitely blossom. In fact, all your relationships will be much easier to maintain. You’ll still be there for those who love you.

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