Thursday, November 24, 2005


Saturday, we took Alex to Earth Fare for their kids' 'gobble, gobble' party. We'd been invited by one of the managers; a woman we've chatted with since we first started shopping there. No matter what day we shop, or what time, she always stops by and talks to us...particularly Alex!

We were told there would arts and crafts, and story time, and we really ought to come.

So we did.

There were just a few kids there, seven total. Earth Fare has a community room off their cafe; a nice room with tables and chairs, and a tall, buffet-yet-school-cafeteria-like serving station.

They'd prepared turkey, stuffing, gravy, and corn, had fresh bread slices and butter, and provided a lovely fruit punch.

Alex had some corn and stuffing (completely meat-free), and ran through two cups of the fruit punch...even eating the frozen blueberries and peach slices!

Once the kids (and any parents who were interested) had eaten, it was crafts time.

Using paper lunch bags, one of the women showed us how to make 'Pilgrim' hats. All the kids were given washable markers, crayons, construction paper, glue sticks and safety scissors (plus a hand-bag sized Earth Fare canvas tote, filled with balloons and stickers), and to demonstrate the hat-making technique, she picked Alex as her model.

Nice hat, eh? With nothing to do in regards to his paper hat, Alex happily colored on construction paper, and even sorta-kinda interacted with a couple of the kids (he can be awfully shy around other children).

After the kids were fitted with hats, they were split into groups of 'older' and 'younger', for story time.

Realizing the younger (Alex-aged) kids weren't interested in reading Thanksgiving riddles and puns, the woman in charge moved on to dessert: freshly made banana pudding, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip cookies.

And what better way to end a party than with a chocolate chip cookie as big as your head???

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone...

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