Sunday, October 09, 2005

How do you know God's a Penn State fan?

Because He made the sky Blue & White...

Ok; I'll admit it. After last season's disappoinments, I wasn't planning on following college football this year. But when I spoke on the telephone with my mom yesterday, she mentioned how good the Nittany Lions are right now. I responded with what could only be described as surprise...Penn State is winning? Wow. I mean, it's been a while...

So this morning, I see this article. Penn State is 6-0!

Don't you dare call me a fair-weather fan; I've just been too busy to try and follow a college football team in Western PA. It's hard enough keeping track of the professional teams of my home state; college is just about out of the question.

So JoPa & Co. are at it again. Right on!

Idle Chatter:
Penn State's fans are certain not fair-weather and I say that as a dyed-in-the-wool FSU fan. Penn State's fans are the ones who've said to keep JoePa and let him do his own thing. The "fair-weather" know-it-alls are the ones who, after one losing season, said it was time to fire him.

Like JoePa could be fired.
Thank you, Eden!

Yeah, in my corner of the world, Joe Paterno is a god. Not 'G'od, but god.

I actually know of people with shrine's to JoPa in their yards...
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