Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Best Way To Celebrate

So, Sunday nights are basically the same for me each week. I send Matt upstairs to watch the Simpsons (not because I don't like the show, but) so I can unwind from the usual busy weekend with Cold Case, Law & Order: CI, and Crossing Jordan.

But football on CBS has been messing with carefully-planned tv viewing schedule. When a game runs late (and let's be honest, it always runs late), CBS will air 60 Minutes, but either pre-empt Cold Case, or run it late. Which then interferes with my schedule, naturally.

It happened again this past Sunday. Game late, so Cold Case was also late.
It was on, but started about fifteen minutes before CI was to begin.

So, Matt ran upstairs to the guest room, and taped the show for me. All worked out.

I watched (the taped) Cold Case Monday night, and saw that 'Enough', the Jennifer Lopez, woman-in-peril, flick was to follow.
As my CC episode ended, and the announcer commanded me to stick around for 'Enough', I joked to Matt about the horror of being forced to watch Jennifer's films.

He responded by saying that's how we should spend Halloween eve...watching JLo movies!

I agreed that it sounded like a good plan, but he knows I don't really like to be frightened that badly...

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