Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ten days and counting...

Just saw (on television) the trailer for A History of Violence!

Damn; Viggo looks good.

Idle Chatter:
Our booking agent just got to watch it at the Toronto Film Festival. He was really impressed.
I've heard only good things about it.

I read the 'graphic novel' on which it's sorta/kinda based; Viggo seemed perfect for it.

I also hear the sex scenes are a really something, too...I really want to see this film, but knowing in advance what happens also makes me a bit skittish!
I saw this and thought the same. I don't think he does much crap and if he does, he's still good in it (Psycho remake anyone?)
Eden, you are so right!

I've watched quite a few of his 'lesser' films...American Yakuza, anyone?

But even when the film/script is total crap, he manages to make something good of it.

Oh, VM is on Letterman Friday.
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