Friday, August 26, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy...Day 26

Running across a (rare) rerun of Homicide: Life in the Streets on TV.

Best damn cop show on the planet.

Idle Chatter:
You are so right about that. I like CSI but Homicide was perfect. Through the winter Netflix is going to let me enjoy every episode again.
I know!

I loved Homicide for it's realism...the detectives didn't wear designer suits, the actors-while attractive-didn't look like they could populate a Ralph Lauren catalog, and best of all? They didn't always wrap up the case after sixty minutes.

I mean, in a perfect world, Grissom, Sipowitz and Briscoe would read the evidence, find the killer and get a confession all in one day.
But real life? You don't always get the bad guy. Cases go unsolved.

And the lives of the detectives on Homicide seemed real, as well.

A cop my husband talked to once said it was the most real cop show he'd ever seen.

But it was still damn good!

And yes...thank heavens for Netflix.

I own the first two seasons, but the rest are close to ninety bucks per season! Until they lower the price, I'll be renting, as well. They're already in my queue.
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