Thursday, July 14, 2005

Scary, Yet Brave

My cousin Ian, and one of my favorite people in the whole world, works for the National Democratic Institute. He's traveled all over the world, and just last night I received this from my Aunt:

Hi Everyone,

I am asking all of you to keep Ian in your thoughts and prayers the next 2 weeks. His job is taking him to Iraq.

He just told me about it last night. It is just for 2 weeks but I will be worried sick until he comes back. He said the Interim Government is in the process of writing a Constitution and he is going there to help them set up a web site to keep the people informed of what they are doing. They are also hopeful that they can have the Iraqi people have some input on the web site. He assures me he will be safe he has at least 1 personal guard at all times. NDI has their own compound there that is heavily guarded and they only use their own armored cars to get anywhere. He will be doing most of his work at Iraq Government office which are in the Green Zone and they have been safe in the Green Zone so far. I told him to be on AOL Messenger as often as possible so I can see he is okay and not to bring home any souvenirs, Mason doesnÂ?t need anything this time. So I might be a bit on edge for a few weeks but at least it is only a few weeks and he isnÂ?t going there to be shot at like so many other peopleÂ?s sons.

So...keep good thoughts of him, ok?

Idle Chatter:
Good luck to Ian. Keep us updated.
Thank you, Nicole. I'll let you know when I hear anything.
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