Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Move over, Moondoggie!

I grew up watching all kinds of 'beach' movies; 'Beach Blanket Bingo', the Frankie and Annette films, Where the Boys Are and of course, Gidget!

I went along with Sandra Dee and Sally Field, as they surfed and danced and moped and fell in and out of love. Sure, it was silly and frivolous; but what's so terrible about that?

But until last night, I'd never seen Gidget Goes Hawaiian, or that version of Gidget, Deborah Walley.
(And Carl Reiner played her dad!)

And I know I'm supposed to go all ga-ga over Gidget's steady squeeze, Moondoggie. And sure, he's cute. A bit of a block-head, but cute.

But after Gidget Goes Hawaiian, I fell for the 'other' guy; in this case it's Eddie Horner, played by Michael Callan.

Oh, isn't he dreamy?! And exactly my type...look at those eyes!

Idle Chatter:
We grew up watching all the Beach Blanket Bingo movies...they were my favorite! I never got into Gidget much, though.
Well, WGN ran Gidget during the late mornings, and summer vacation was all about watching other people frolic in the sand and surf!

Actually, those closest thing to a beach we had was in Erie, and I wanted oceans, not lakes.

They just don't make those teen beach films these days, do they?
That's 'the closest'.

What's wrong with me today?
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