Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life Behind Bars

Don't get to used to that view, sweetie...

Idle Chatter:
I think every child (and dog) in the world has a picture like that one. It's so funny! He's getting a little big to be put under a laundry basket, though!
You aren't kidding, Nicole!

Matt and I think he grows even faster (and taller) when he's visiting his grandparents...he'll come home and we could swear he's taller than when he left...14 hours earlier!

He actually prefers using the basket as a 'car', though. He'll tell me he's off to buy food, that he needs eggs and milk and diapers, and he's going to use the red cart (those race-car shopping carts) while he's there.
All after he stops for gas, of course.
It's funny what kids pick up!
"Look, it's Uncle Jailbird Joey!"

Back to the Future reference...
I actually got that, thanks.
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