Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Speaking of Movies...

My Uncle sent this to me: Challenge Darth Vader to read your mind!

Crap...I'm 0-3! Stupid, evil, over-lord. He only got that last one becaue that creepy Burger King king whispered the answer to him...

Update: I beat him! I beat Darth Vader!!! Mmmwaaa haaa haa haa...(that's an evil laugh, you know). Thirty questions (he claims to read your mind in twenty), and he still couldn't figure it out. Not even when the creepy BK king helped him cheat, twice.

Oh, I went with 'wombat'. Thanks, Matt.

Idle Chatter:
That's funny. He got me with "iron" but Dan stumped him on "wireless router." He got close, though, with network router.
I shouldn't be surprisd that Vader cheats...but still!
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