Monday, May 23, 2005

School's Out for Summer

We drove by one of the local schools yesterday, and I noticed the sign signaled today as the last day of the school year.

Today is the last day of school? How can that be? It's still...May, for crying out loud.

Then again, when you don't have to schedule two weeks' worth of snow days, you might just be able to end the year before the second week of June (darn Pennsylvania weather...).

Now I prepare for the neighborhood noise level to increase...

Idle Chatter:
Today was graduation for all the high schools in town.
That's so hard for me to fathom; we almost always ended the school year in June...usually 5-10th of the month.

I can't remember my graduation date, but I do know it was close to my sister's birthday, which is the ninth.

Oh, crap...that means her birthday is coming up soon!
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