Thursday, April 28, 2005

There are three things all men should know, and it’s time you did too. You’re never going to be famous, you’re fatter than you think, and most important of all, they don’t keep wearing stockings.

For my friends with Netflix, I highly recommend renting the BBC series, Coupling.

Considerably funnier than friends..and without those moments (usually featuring Ross) where I was so embarrassed for the characters that I had to turn the channel!

This show is hilarious. One of the brilliant things about it is Coupling was written by one guy. Not a room full of writers. One guy, who knew how each character should act, and speak. Heck, the two 'mains' are based on the writer and his wife!

Another thing: this show knows how to build a comedy moment. You think they can't take it any farther, and wham!, another gem. You're laughing so hard, you're practically crying (or worse...). Then they do it again!

Seriously; brilliant show. I caught it on BBC whenever I was up much too late, but Matt gave me the series on DVD recently. It's fantastic. It would be past midnight, and even though we were both exhausted...we'd manage to stay up to watch one or two more episodes.

If you like to laugh, rent this show. I really don't think you'll be sorry.

I'll leave you with massive numbers of quotes from the show.

Patrick: You’ve seen this woman on the train and you find her attractive, yeah?
Jeff: Yeah.
Patrick: And you haven’t had sex with her?
Jeff: No.
Patrick: You see my problem?

Maybe women are completely different when we’re not with them. Maybe they’re not cross all the time.

Let me explain, Patrick. Here on earth there is a gap between seeing someone you like and having sex with them, that we like to call conversation.

I like films with lesbians in them because it’s nice to think there are attractive women out there who can’t find a boyfriend.

I really quite like being single. Except for the bit about not having a man.

Patrick: You can’t prevent death with face cream.
Sally: Yeah? That’s what everyone thinks, but no-one’s ever used it in the quantities I do.

It’s not genetically possible for men to have opinions about fabric.

Well, you know what it’s like at the start, when they’re all fiery-eyed, and eager, and they haven’t seen you naked yet. And it’s like he’s smashing at your door with his mighty battering ram. And he’s promising to ravish you forever. So you brace yourself for man overload, and throw open the doors, and what do you find standing there? An oversized toddler who wants his dinner. And before you can say 'there’s been a terrible mistake', he’s snoring on your sofa, the fridge is full of empty bottles and the whole place smells of feet.

I’ve always wanted to date a gynaecologist. I wanna know I’m special.

Patrick: I don’t have an agenda. That’s a bit offensive, actually. I’m perfectly capable of being friends with a woman without any kind of agenda.
Steve: For how long?
Patrick: As long as it takes

We are men. We are different. We have only one word for soap. We do not own candles. We have never seen anything of any value in a craft shop. We do not own magazines full of photographs of celebrities with their clothes on.

Vegetarianism for me is about saying ‘yes’ to things - even meat.

Sally: What do you call people you go out with but you don’t try to sleep with?
Patrick: Men.

It’s always scary when you see that final corner approaching, isn’t it? And you’re thinking: did I touch his thigh often enough? Did I stare at his mouth long enough? Did I flick my hair too much?… Yeah, I used to over-flick. So easy to cross the line between suggesting flirtatious and approachable, and suggesting there’s something living in your ear.

Susan, you are offering this man food and sex in the same place. If there’s something to read in the loo he may never leave.

As Susan's best friend I am to you a bit like Australia: very distant, largely uninhabitable and with areas of great danger.

I’ll get the speech about how wonderful I am. Basic rule, isn’t it? More wonderful you are at the start of the speech, the more dumped you are at the end.

You’ve always got to send a man a book when you split up, to prove how you’re a caring, giving person, and how they’re going to die in a pit of their own filth.

Idle Chatter:
I have enjoyed the few episodes I caught late at night as well...

And did you even TRY to watch the American version? Oy! So very very very very bad...
No, I don't think I saw even one ep of the NBC version. I'd already heard dreadful things about it, and I'm pretty sure it conflicted with something else I watched at the time.

Not the first time the US has gone and messed up a brilliant BBC show...then again, some might say I'm a BBC snob!
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