Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rock-a-hula Luau!

Comma comma comma to the rock-a-hula-luau,
Everybody's here and we're waitin' for you now.

I've always wanted to host a luau, or some sort of beach party...and now that we have this enormous yard, I may get my chance.

I've been reading up on the idea. I've looked at sites for decorations, I've bought books.

And as if TPTB really want me to do this, I got a message from Oriental Trading Company today, offering to pay shipping on a (big) order of luau products!

And I also got a message from Amazon, telling me the book I'd ordered, Retro Beach Blast: A Sunlover's Guide to Food and Fun had shipped (along with the ultra-cool Ultra Lounge Bachelor Pad Royale CD).

It's meant to be!!! I'm supposed to have a backyard party, with tiki lights and Don Ho records, the grill fired up, and exotic drinks. You guys already know I can cook...wanna come?

Now, I just have to convince Matt...!

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