Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy, happy. My favorite holiday. Just love it.

And for fun, I'm posting some of my favorite Halloween costumes...yes, more pictures, of me!!

The most recent was from a Halloween party Matt and I had at our place in California. The entire house was decorated (it took forever to get those cobwebs down), we made lots of yummy food (chocolate and caramel covered apples, sandwiches of various kinds made with Halloween-shaped cookie cutters, obfel puffers---PA Dutch recipe for apple fritters---, homemade flavored pretzels, and more), had an inflatable coffin filled with awesome candy (we had Pop Rocks!), and for ambiance, had first and second season episodes of Buffy playing with the sound off.
Matt and I dressed as original series Star Trek characters...I worked really hard to get the hair and make up right...

Slated to die before the first commercial break-girl

Oh, I love this one. This may be one of my favorites...and I've done a lot of dressing up in my time!
I was selected by the good folks in Golden, Colorado to host a Coors Light-sponsored Halloween costume party. I think they picked me because of the fact I don't drink: if you're not sampling the wares, you have a much better chance of getting everything to run smoothly.

There was just...something...about wearing this costume. I loved how I looked in it, how I felt.
It wasn't the first time I'd gone blond; a year earlier I'd donned a flaxen wig, slipped into a white halter dress, applied the requisite make up, and headed to work dressed as Marilyn Monroe, to commemorate the anniversary of her death. I enjoyed it then, as well.
Now, you must understand...I love being a brunette. I'd never want to change that. But it's fun, once in a while, to morph into someone else.

I had a blast in my Mae West costume, and the party was a hit. After it was over (or, at the very least, my duties were discharged), my friend and I headed into downtown Ridgway and the little bar where my ex-boyfriend, the Ex-Boyfriend, was playing (although they were now playing under a different name).
Maybe it was because almost a full year had passed since I dumped him, and my seriously damaged self-esteem had time to crawl up from the cellar. Maybe it was how fabulous I looked in my costume...I don't know.
We came in just before a set was ending. I saw EX head to the bar, and chat up some skanky-looking chic. The drummer, who quite obviously knew me, walked by and did a double-take. Minutes later, EX came over...a bit drunk and quite surprised, albeit happy, to see me.
He tried some of his old tricks (he can be quite charming), but I was ready for him. I'd only gone there to torment him (sounds cruel, but so was he), and I was able to hold my head up high, tell him he's messed up a good thing, I'd found someone else...someone who treated me the way a boyfriend's supposed to (this would be Matt), and he couldn't do anything to me anymore.
I walked out of the bar positively giddy. That was it. I'd finally severed the emotional leash he had on me.
And admit it: I did look fabulous!

Mae West---come on up and see me some time

Next we have the year of the EX.

My ex-boyfriend, the Ex-Boyfriend, and I were almost kaput by the time this picture was taken.
Every person who knows me is aware of how much I love Halloween. EX knew it, too.
I'd asked him if he'd come with me to a costume party being held at one of the few nice restaurants in the area. He wasn't wild about it, but said he would.
I paid for the costume rentals, and the tickets. All he had to do was Be there.
A week before the party, we had a big fight. And he decided that he wasn't going to the party. I could have killed him.
He eventually reconsidered, but we went more as 'friends' than two people dating. It was weirder for him, I think.
I intended to have a good time, and I did. One of my co-workers was running the sound system, and I actually got down on the dance floor and shook my groove thing a time or two (major event there, trust me). We had a nice dinner, and irony of ironies, we won 'best couple'.
This was, indeed, the beginning of the end, although it took a long to recover from his abuse.
These days, I feel nothing for him. No animosity, no anger, regret, anything. I'm so far removed from him and his pathetic-ness, I can comfortably post this picture.

Cleopatra and Anthony

A fellow jock and one-time friend was hosting a big bash at a camp in the woods. I knew what kind of party it would be, but hey-what else is there to do?

I adore Mortica Addams. She's so...elegant, sexy. Unfortunately, no amount of make up could make me look pale. I did the best I could, though...check out the bud-less roses: nice touch, don't you think?
While I was at the party, watching a bunch of low-lifes get smashed (this is not me saying that if you drink you're a loser; rather the kind of people my co-worker knew were just skuzzy to begin with), some guy walked by, looked at me, stopped, took another long look, and came up with this less-than remarkable line: "Where have you been all my life?"
My witty reply? "Avoiding people like you."

They're creepy and they're kooky; Morticia Addams

And this one goes way back. All the way back to the second grade!

As I pointed out to Matt, I wouldn't be able to wear this costume to school today; that's a real knife in the case!

My Mom put this one together. Her shirt, my vest, a burned cork for the 'beard'; very simple, but I still love this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean got nothing on me!

Idle Chatter:
You look so good in all those pictures! I especially enjoy the Morticia Adams look. I went to a party last night that was pretty fun, and posted the pictures on my photo blog - http://tapioca.urlblue.com/photos. Pictures of Dan's and my outfit will be posted later.
Thanks, Nicole!

Halloween is my favorite holiday; actually it's tied with St. Pat's.

You have some great pictures on Fresh as Paint; I do check it once a week or so...Dan is a blast as Slash!
Great costumes, Steph!
Life's a bitch and then you die.
Liz Jones Uncle Tom
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