Monday, September 13, 2004

What's in a Name?

I remembered this story because of a dream I had this morning (I was dating Jacob Dylan; that's the tie-in...which is weird, 'cause he's so not my type. Other than being a musician.):

One night, I was maybe a half hour away from finishing my shift at the station (this was when I was working till nine), and I got a call from a listener. He wanted to hear the Wallflower's song, "Three Marlenas". I explained that 1. I'd already played it, and b. I was almost done and then the station would be on satellite. There was no way I could guarantee if or when it'd be on again.

He told me he really wanted his wife to hear the song (and I'm wondering where she's been the past few months; the way Top 40 works, every song gets over-played...how could she have missed it?), and seemed kind of desperate.

So, I told him if he would call back about ten minutes after nine (giving me enough time to switch to satellite and check our transmitters and such), I'd play it for him over the phone.

So, I go about completing my duties, and hook things up in the production studio, and he calls back.
He's got his wife on an extension, and I play the song.

When it's over, he tells me that they're expecting a baby, a girl, and he wanted to name her Marlena. His wife (apparently) wasn't familiar with the name (or the song), and that was the reason for all this.

And I endured yet another moment of 'bite your tongue, bite your tongue!', not wanting to point out that while it's a nice name, this particular tune is not the best basis for naming your unborn child...what with the titular character being very clearly a 'lady of the evening'. or at the very least, a slut.

I never did hear if the hubby got his way...

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